One of the industries that is always looking for continuous improvement is the food industry. We are up to the task of providing the highest quality in essential supplies.

ESINSA is distinguished by its permanent effort to offer adapted technical and qualitative solutions in compliance with international norms and standards FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and KTW (Kuntstoffe und Trinkwasser).


Our seals guarantee sealing in numerous application systems:

  • Nozzle seals
  • Dispenser gaskets
  • Exchanger gaskets
  • Gaskets made of high resistance materials
  • Elastomer milled part (NBR, FKM, VMQ, Etc.)

In ESINSA we are the integral ally of sealing solutions, we offer you stock of industrial gaskets, screws, threaded rods, studs and nuts, helping to reduce fugitive emissions. We also offer you our cutting and bending service.



Our technicians will answer all your questions and advise you with the best solutions.


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