The Quality Service (QS) service is a specialized technical service designed to eliminate failures related to the assembly of flanged gaskets in industrial plants.

  • Early detection of mounting errors before the start of the plant.

  • Saves time and cost that would be to rectify problems after start-up.

  • Improve the safety of personnel and the production process, reducing occupational and environmental risks.

  • Help ensure total quality of processes.

  • Reduce fugitive emissions by meeting sustainability and climate change goals.

  • Reduces downtimes in the plant and improves its performance.

  • Does not hinder or disrupt the activities of operators or plant personnel.

  • Improves the efficiency of installed systems, reducing routine maintenance, and Increasing the reliability of in-service equipment.

  • Record (reports) of all items inspected is created, confirming that verification was carried out as planned, as per standard.

  • Is a more cost-efficient alternative than in-service corrective maintenance


To Help the industry through our products and services to improve sealing in order to reduce their emissions, increase the safety of installations and people and save resources by avoiding losses due to leakage and impacts resulting from poor watertightness

Quality Service
What can the service cover?

Quality Service is a specialized technical service

A typical QS service implementation includes:

Condition verification of flange faces before mounting
Calculation and/or measurement of clamping pairs per stem joint
Quality control of the assembly work performed in embryonic joints
Guidance and monitoring during joint assembly in flanged joints
Training in mounting flanged joints with certificate issue
Selection of joint and screws to use in the flanged joint
Definition of scope, system and inspection methods
Execution of inspections autonomously
Creating daily reports identifying nonconformities
Issuance of final report with total inspections and results obtained


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